Dave’s Boring Research Paper PDF

Dave’s Boring Research Paper PDF – A Wonderful Examination In Gaming In Education

Dave’s Boring Research Paper PDF

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Dave’s Boring Research Paper PDF

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Dave’s Boring Research Paper PDF ,
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hardly any consistency in my own lessons. I used to teach three sections of Geometry
throughout the day, and each one had its own level of success. Factors were- time of day
(after lunch, end of day, morning), how many times I had taught that lesson, weather,
season (Prom, musical), etc. I know there were many unforeseen factors that affected my
lessons (for better or for worse).
I do applaud the authors for attempting to alert the readers to the process for evaluating
and observing results. This is truly a substantial task, and warrants more attention. I
believe the authors’ intent was to put the idea on the backburner of the readers’ mind.
Descriptive Research
As a classroom teacher, this part of the reading was actually the most beneficial for me. I
am constantly evaluating my performance, as well as the effectiveness of my lesson. I
think it is critically important to continually question the value of a lesson. I have used
surveys in the past, and the brief introduction that the authors have provided is a big help
in designing effective surveys. The authors also propose that journals and other artifacts
from students may provide the best insight into the worth of a lesson.
Role of the Researcher
Although the authors are fulfilling their due diligence in reporting good research habits,
this portion of the book was almost irrelevant to a teacher. I find this portion be very
dangerous- the field of research and information gathering is a very specialized one, a
field that is governed by stringent scientific methods. The four paragraphs in this section
provide nothing more than a cursory overview of a researchers role. I do not think that
teachers should attempt to fill those shoes. Teachers should teach, and researchers should
research. These are two completely different and unrelated fields.

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