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Target Bodybuilding PDF

Target Bodybuilding PDF

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Target Bodybuilding PDF

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Target Bodybuilding PDF ,
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Chapter 1—
Muscles and MRI
Wouldn’t it be great to be able to look inside your arm and see which of the three heads of the triceps brachii (the elbow extensor muscle group) is used in the military
press? This book shows you that the long head is not used to do the military press! You know the best way to stress the soleus muscle in the back of the calf is to do
seated calf raises. Now you can see why. Would you believe that the hamstring muscles in the back of the thigh are not really the ones stretched as you lower into that
deep squat? It is really the powerful adductor muscles of the thigh that are pulled, and you will see this. In this book, you will see which specific exercises for the arms
and legs can be used to develop individual muscles—and even parts of them—like never before. If you want to train smartly do the right exercises for specific
muscles, and see which different exercises can and cannot be used to train those specific muscles, then this is the book for you.
What does this book provide that is so new? Why is it different from the 50 or so other bodybuilding books on the market? A powerful technology, magnetic
resonance imaging (MRI), was used to definitively show you which individual muscles are worked in different bodybuilding exercises. No more guesswork based on
where a muscle starts and stops: “Oh, it goes across this joint, so it must do this.” No, this book is much different.
MRI is the most advanced technology available today for visualization of soft tissue inside the human body. An MRI image of the left upper arm shows individual
muscles with remarkable clarity (figure 1).

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