50 Games For Going Green PDF

50 Games For Going Green PDF

50 Games For Going Green PDF

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50 Games For Going Green PDF

50 Games For Going Green PDF Free Download,
50 Games For Going Green PDF ,
50 Games For Going Green Ebook


Activate your students’ interest in environmental issues with these fun physical activities! With 50 Games for Going Green: Physical Activities That Teach Healthy Environmental Concepts, teachers and youth leaders will find easy-to-present games and activities to inspire and educate students about caring for the environment. Authors Carol Scaini and Carolyn Evans have created a range of innovative activities to help students learn the value of reducing, reusing, and recycling and explore concepts of carbon footprint reduction, climate change, and global warming. 50 Games for Going Green includes • warm-up, circuit, and station activities; • physical fitness challenges, relay races, and literacy and drama activities; and • cooperative games. A special Eco-Thoughts feature offers simple take-aways with each activity, giving your students information to think about, discuss, and act on. Easily adaptable for a range of ages, abilities, and skill levels, this collection of activities will help your students get moving, thinking, and working together while learning what they can do to help the environment. 50 Games for Going Green makes learning a truly active experience and gives you creative ways to help students get their daily dose of moderate to vigorous physical activity. The activities can be played in the gym, classroom, or outdoors and require little or no equipment. Many activities repurpose everyday recyclable items for play, such as cards from recycled paper, balls from socks, and bowling pins from plastic bottles. Detailed descriptions and illustrations make it easy to understand how to teach each activity, and the game finder helps you quickly choose the right one for each class. In addition, the book’s easy-to-follow format provides information for each activity on equipment and setup requirements, instructions for play, variations, and safety considerations. Taking an active learning approach to environmental stewardship makes caring for the Earth a tangible, memorable, and fun experience. By encouraging students to get active and go green, 50 Games for Going Green offers a hands-on way for students to contribute to their physical health and improve the health of their environment. Size: 6×9 Author: Scaini, Carol Pages: 128

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