Aircraft Design: A Systems Engineering Approach PDF

Aircraft Design: A Systems Engineering Approach PDF

Aircraft Design: A Systems Engineering Approach PDF

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Aircraft Design: A Systems Engineering Approach PDF


Unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) are increasingly used in military missions because they have the advantages of not placing human life at risk and of lowering operation costs via decreased vehicle weight. These benefits can be fully realized only if UAVs work cooperatively in groups with an efficient exchange of information. This book provides an authoritative reference on cooperative decision and control of UAVs and the means available to solve problems involving them.

The contributors present the information in a manner that abstracts the challenges from the concrete problems, making it possible to leverage the solution methods over a broader range of applications. The first chapter offers representative scenarios to describe the problem and its challenges. The second chapter closely examines these challenges by providing an overview of the algorithms that could be used for cooperative control of UAV teams. Later chapters offer methods for performing multiple tasks on multiple targets and assigning multiple tasks to multiple UAVs in one step. Other topics addressed are the application of mixed integer linear programming and genetic algorithms in situations with strict time constraints, the cooperation of UAVs when there are communication delays, and effectiveness measures derived for operations in uncertain environments.

The book has two appendices. The first describes the operation of the MultiUAV2 simulation software used to test the cooperation control algorithms, while the second details the UAV path planning problem and Dubins optimal trajectories. A supplementary website offers a MultiUAV2 software manual and relevant code.

Audience: The book is primarily geared toward researchers working on practical solutions for implementing systems with multiple UAVs. Academicians, students, and others who want to understand the field of UAV cooperative control will find this book a useful reference.

Contents: List of Figures; List of Tables; Foreword; Preface; Acronyms; Chapter 1: Introduction; Chapter 2: Challenges; Chapter 3: Single Task Tours; Chapter 4: Multiple Assignments; Chapter 5: Simultaneous Multiple Assignments; Chapter 6: Estimation Algorithms for Improved Cooperation under Uncertainty; Chapter 7: Effectiveness Measures for Operations in Uncertain Environments; Appendix A: MutliUAV Simulation; Appendix B: Path Planning for UAVs; Index

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