Arduino Zero Projects Book PDF

Arduino Zero Projects Book PDF

Arduino Zero Projects Book PDF

Download the book - PDF File - 15.3 MB


Arduino Zero Projects Book PDF


Key Features

  • Deep dive into the components of the small yet powerful Raspberry Pi Zero
  • Get into grips with integrating various hardware, programming, and networking concepts with the so-called cheapest computer
  • Explore the functionalities of this $5 chip through practical recipes

Book Description

The Raspberry Pi Zero, one of the most inexpensive, fully-functional computers available, is a powerful and revolutionary product developed by the Raspberry Pi Foundation. The Raspberry Pi Zero opens up a new world for the makers out there. This book will give you expertise with the Raspberry Pi Zero, providing all the necessary recipes that will get you up and running.

In this book, you will learn how to prepare your own circuits rather than buying the expensive add ons available in the market. We start by showing you how to set up and manage the Pi Zero and then move on to configuring the hardware, running it with Linux, and programming it with Python scripts. Later, we integrate the Raspberry Pi Zero with sensors, motors, and other hardware. You will also get hands-on with interesting projects in media centers, IoT, and more.

What you will learn

  • Set up your Raspberry Pi Zero with the operating system, networking, and different interfaces
  • Get a hands-on introduction to Linux, Python, and shell scripts with the Raspberry Pi Zero
  • Become a master at driving GPIOs and controlling relays, motors, transistors, buzzers, audio, read switches, and interrupts with the Raspberry Pi Zero
  • Control GPIOs using the web interface and Node.js
  • Connect displays, LED matrixes, analog sensors, and digital sensors
  • Hack the Ethernet on the Raspberry Pi Zero
  • Make your Raspberry Pi Zero an IoT-based sensor node and remotely monitor your data

About the Author

Edward Snajder takes on the challenges of performance, optimization, scalability, and portability for PostgreSQL, Oracle, SQL Server, and MySQL DB engines for the databases behind the Jive platform. He’s got hands-on experience with system design, HA, virtualization, and distributed systems, and has had the opportunity to interface with quality engineering, support, technical operations, and professional services when not building things in engineering. In his spare time, he is an Internet of Things enthusiast and has spoken on the wonders of the Raspberry Pi at conferences and user groups. He loves his Raspberry Pis. He has also built his own 3D printer and has several 75%-complete Arduino projects.

Table of Contents

  1. Kick-Start Your Raspberry Pi Zero
  2. Setting Up Physical and Wireless Connections
  3. Programming with Linux
  4. Programming with Python
  5. Getting Your Hands Dirty Using the GPIO Header
  6. Controlling the LEDs and Displays
  7. Controlling the Hardware
  8. Taking Digital Inputs to the Raspberry Pi Zero
  9. Interfacing Sensors with the Raspberry Pi Zero
  10. Cooking up Projects to Amaze the World!

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