Beginning Design For 3d Printing PDF

Beginning Design For 3d Printing PDF

Beginning Design For 3d Printing PDF

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Beginning Design For 3d Printing PDF


Got a 3D printer or have access to one? It’s fun to print things you find on Internet sites, but the real promise of 3D printing is taking your own designs and transforming them into real pieces. Maybe you need a special part for a repair, or a custom part for a project. Beginning Modeling for 3D Printing will help you convert ideas or rough sketches into real parts using OpenSCAD and your 3D printer. Rather than designing visually, you’ll learn how to describe the part you need programmatically, making it simpler to do things like scale up, scale down, add an opening, etc.

OpenSCAD is a powerful open source modeling tool that is well-suited for making objects suitable for 3D printing. In addition to a tutorial, the book is packed with projects you can print, including a discussion of how the project works so you can learn and even modify them to suit your own needs. Projects include: custom keychains, a business card holder, a clock face, and many more practical and illustrative projects. You’ll learn how to create parameterized models that are easy to customize, just like the projects in the book.

If you are ready to take the next step in 3D printing–transforming your ideas into 3D prints–you need Beginning Modeling for 3D Printing. Even if you don’t have a printer yet, you’ll gain a better understanding of how to express your designs in a printable form.

What you’ll learn

  • Basic OpenSCAD features to create solid objects
  • Creating 3D objects from photos, 2D scans, or vector drawings
  • Advanced techniques including extrusions, hulls, and text
  • The latest OpenSCAD features
  • How to create models that are easily customizable
  • Practical considerations for designing printed objects
  • Using and creating libraries
  • Tools that can work with OpenSCAD

Who this book is for

3D printing enthusiasts who want to learn how to create their own designs, including students using 3D printers in the classroom.

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