Eating Disorders: The Ultimate Teen Guide PDF

Eating Disorders: The Ultimate Teen Guide PDF

Eating Disorders: The Ultimate Teen Guide PDF

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Eating Disorders: The Ultimate Teen Guide PDF


Get Your Children Off Of The Couch And Into The Playground! Their Health Is At Stake!

Don’t wait until his or her Pediatrician starts sounding the alarms!. Get Your Child active and eating healthy NOW!

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The Child Obesity Solution: The Ultimate Parents Guide For Helping Children Live Healthy
Almost everyone is aware of adult obesity and the stigma it holds. It can deprive an individual of job opportunities and business success. It can destroy health and rob energy from its victims. Even more tragic is the dramatic impact of obesity in the life of a child. For a child, obesity means ridicule and bullying by peers, inability to play in school sports, low self-esteem and depression, difficulty sleeping, higher incidence of diabetes and much more. Childhood obesity is about children trapped by their own inability to bring their weight under control. This is a battle no obese child can win on his or her own. The condition calls for a supportive family, professional advice, and cooperative school leadership. This book is one basic resource that should be available to parents everywhere.

In The Child Obesity Epidemic: How to Overcome Obesity in Children, you will become thoroughly familiar with:

  • The causes and consequences of childhood obesity
  • The risk factors and complications such faced by obese children
  • The tests given to diagnose this condition, including the questions your doctor may ask to reach his conclusions
  • The various treatment recommendations given by physicians to bring obesity under control, including your responsibilities as a parent
  • Five specific ways to increase the physical activity of an obese child
  • The surgical and pharmaceutical alternatives available, including precautions about their use
  • The role of a parent in preventing childhood obesity and helping a child to cope with the slow progress often experienced.

The only solution for this American childhood epidemic is information in the hands of caring parents. That is the goal of this book. It can help you to help your child or grandchild to understand and to remember what they must do to overcome their weight problems. It is especially vital that parents ensure that their children have access to a qualified physician who can evaluate the condition and give personalized recommendations. Priscilla Lea tackles this perplexing condition with compassion and critical discernment.

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