Eggs: A Global History PDF

Eggs: A Global History PDF

Eggs: A Global History PDF

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Eggs: A Global History PDF


A concise book from the siege of The Great War, basically about food nutrition, then pointing out on what foods might be replaced if ever there are scarcities without losing nourishment. In the final months of World War I, food has become even more enthralled on the Americans and their need for preparation in all aspects of life. A few of the articles are deemed excessive but then again, the food supply, preservation, and its practical consumption must be kept accordingly. The staging of Food Preparedness in the University of Buffalo written by Albert P. Sy, Ph.D., Professor of Chemistry, has provided the people of the university and to all the readers special awareness on food and diet.

Food Preparedness include: Food Values; Prices; Chemical Composition & Food Value; Explanations; Milk & Milk Products; Eggs & Cheese; Meat; Fish & Oysters; Fat Foods; Cereal Grains; Bread and Other Cereal Foods; Sugar & Similar Foods; Vegetables; Beans & Corn; Fruit; Nuts; Functions & Uses of Food; Dietary Standards.

Food is some essence eaten to give proper nutrients for all living things. It is typically a few chosen plants or animals, and consists of substantial nourishments including carbohydrates, fats, proteins, vitamins, or minerals. The nutrients are consumed by an entity and integrated by the living thing’s cells to accumulate energy, sustain life, or accelerate growth.

In general, man acquired food by means of two means: hunting and agriculture. In the modern times, the main stream of food vitality essential by the endlessly ascending world population is provided by the food industry.


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