Fashion And Dress Codes: A How-To Guide PDF

Fashion And Dress Codes: A How-To Guide PDF

Fashion And Dress Codes: A How To Guide PDF

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Fashion And Dress Codes: A How To Guide PDF


Sure, there is plenty of affordable children’s clothing to be found at retailers today, but the quality of those mass-produced garments can be questionable. Finding durable, well-made kids clothing can be expensive, especially when the kids are growing like weeds! No wonder more and more parents are opting to dress their children in high-quality, original pieces they’ve made themselves.

For those looking to get started sewing their own kid’s clothes, or who are expanding on their current skills, Pattern Making for Kids’ Clothes is the place to begin. Inside, readers will find everything they need for creating, using, and adapting patterns for kids’ clothes:

  • Illustrated, step-by-step techniques specific to kids’ clothes
  • Valuable insider tips from professional pattern designers
  • Handy QR codes linking to downloadable pattern templates
  • Instructions for making patterns from scratch and customizing existing patterns
  • Advice from the pros on marketing your creations

    With straightforward language and easy-to-follow instructions, Pattern Making for Kids’ Clothes will be the sewing parent’s go-to guide for everything from rompers and dresses to jackets, pants, and more! More than 300 full-color instructional and inspirational images throughout.

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