Frommer’S Belgium Holland & Luxembourg (Frommer’S Complete Guides) PDF

Frommer’S Belgium Holland & Luxembourg (Frommer’S Complete Guides) PDF

Frommer’S Belgium Holland & Luxembourg (Frommer’S Complete Guides) PDF

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Frommer’S Belgium Holland & Luxembourg (Frommer’S Complete Guides) PDF


Frommer’s Amsterdam gives you the complete overview of insider knowledge on where and what to visit in The Netherlands’ vibrant capital, all in meticulous detail to point you towards the best that Amsterdam has to offer.

Packed with detailed, opinionated and honest reviews, this guide gives you the low-down on what’s worth your time and what’s not, providing extensive listings of Amsterdam’s accommodation, attractions and restaurants in and around the city whatever your budget. Entire neighbourhoods are also broken down by thoughtful itineraries to help you plan your way while you stay, according to your timeframe.

Discover contemporary Dutch cuisine; walking and biking tours along the Golden Age Canal and Amstel River; tips on visiting coffee shops; art, architecture and cultural highlights; and the best of the cities vibrant nightlife.

Importantly, this guide provides the latest trip-planning advice and money-saving tips, as well as a complete shopper’s guide and directory of useful contacts to ensure you make the most of your stay in the city.

About Complete Guides:

The Frommer’s Complete guides give travellers the comprehensive overview of destinations, detailing the vast variety of choices and need-to-know local information in cities and countries, without glossing over any of the details. Entire regions, neighbourhoods and more are broken down by thoughtful itineraries to give detailed guides to each, with full accompanying reviews and prices listed throughout. These guides are packed full of up-to-date advice and tips on what’s new in the location and how to plan your trip according in every aspect of your time there; vocabulary lists also exist where you might need a few key phrases and menu terms.

Complete guides give you the respective A to Z, helping you to find the places to stay, eat, shop and explore that are best suited for you wherever you are or are planning to go.

From the Book: Beer in Amsterdam

Frommer’S Belgium Holland & Luxembourg (Frommer’S Complete Guides) PDF
Photo by Estee623/ Community, Heineken Factory

The ancestral home of globally-recognized beers like Amstel, Heineken, and Grolsh, Amsterdam serves up dozens of styles, flavors, and labels.

Where to Drink: The Cracked Kettle is the place to buy your beer — the shop stocks more than 500 types of beer and can ship internationally. If you want a place to sit down, try Cafe Gollem just across the road, serving nearly 200 beers; Cafe t’Arendsnest, which has 100 varieties of purely Dutch beers from 50 breweries (of the 100 types, 30 are on tap); and IJ Brewery, which has its very own windmill and a tour that lets you sample 10 organic beer varieties made on-site.

Average price for a pint: 3 Euros

Pick up a copy of Frommer’s Amsterdam more tips like this as part of a comprehensive travel guide.

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