Money Management For Cross-Cultural Workers PDF

Money Management For Cross-Cultural Workers PDF

Money Management For Cross Cultural Workers PDF

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Money Management For Cross Cultural Workers PDF


How to Manage Your Money and File Your Taxes While Living Abroad

You’re Only 90 Days Away from Excellent Record Keeping
That’s how long it will take you to develop the new financial skills presented in this book.

Learn how to:
Stay On Top of Your Personal Finances
It’s too easy to get distracted by all the details of living overseas. Learning a foreign language, navigating cross-cultural relationships, and working among different societies is stressful enough. The cost of living overseas, negotiation techniques, and conflict resolution can all be much different than what you grew up knowing.

You can easily do bookkeeping, even while using multiple currencies, by following the system in this guide. The author developed this system while his family lived abroad for two years, and successfully navigated the financial aspects of living overseas.

Prepare for Tax Filing as an Expat
One of the most difficult systems to understand is the U.S. tax code. When you move to another country, taxes get even more complicated. The author includes sound advice from what CPAs and tax professionals have taught me concerning expat taxes.

The tax collector still does exist. If you don’t handle your money well while living overseas, you may have to scramble when it comes tax time and the IRS is asking for documentation. This book will tell you everything you need to know about tax preparation as a U.S. expat. (This book is not intended for corporations doing international business. This is a personal finance book for U.S. citizens living abroad, and for forwarding agents who help them.)

Master Your MoneyThe lessons in this book include Biblical principles of money management, such as:

  • Spend wisely
  • Avoid debt totally
  • Earn honestly
  • Give generously
  • Invest wisely

“Ryan has done an incredible job of breaking down the somewhat overwhelming lifestyle of a missionary into practical daily tasks that will make their financial accountability much easier.” —Julie Cheatum, Financial Director, Team Expansion

“This is a helpful reference book that I would recommend to anyone doing cross-cultural work.” —Dale Hawkins, Executive Director, Outreach International

“It is refreshing to read and use such a clear presentation…of proven money and business practices.” —Micheal J. Curtice, Th. D., Professor of Missions and Ministry, CCCB

Discover how to master your money while living abroad. Scroll up and click the buy button today!

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