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Practical Unarmed Combat PDF

Practical Unarmed Combat PDF

Practical Unarmed Combat PDF

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Practical Unarmed Combat PDF


Unarmed combat is the oldest form of fighting known to man. Despite the development of weapons technology, a soldier – particularly a special forces soldier – can find himself in an empty-hand fight as a result of weapons failure, depleted ammunition, a need for silence, or a failed escape and evasion attempt. To survive, he needs to be fully trained in the use of weapons that are always at his disposal, never jam, and never run out of ammunition – his hands and feet. Properly used, they can stop an attacker dead in his tracks.

In a military context, close-quarters combat is about survival: any and all means are valid. Surprise and speed are essential and the intention is to attack, not simply defend. The Elite Forces Handbook of Unarmed Combat provides a detailed examination of the subject, with clear descriptions supported by black-and-white photographs and line drawings showing specific techniques. Starting with an overview of the historical development of unarmed combat, this book works through training (both physical and mental), vulnerable areas of the body, and particular techniques: punching and kicking, blocks, chokes and headlocks, breaking holds, throws, and ground fighting.

The techniques used by special forces around the world are examined here: the lethal strikes of the Spetsnaz, locks and constrictions used by the Egyptian special forces, U.S. Army throws and holds, and elementary methods taught to Britain’s Parachute Regiment. The Elite Forces Handbook of Unarmed Combat spells out the elements of hand-to-hand fighting from the soldier’s point of view.

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