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Spintronics-Based Computing PDF

Spintronics-Based Computing PDF

Spintronics Based Computing PDF

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Spintronics Based Computing PDF


Nanomagnetic and spintronic computing devices are strong contenders for future replacements of CMOS. This is an important and rapidly evolving area with the semiconductor industry investing significantly in the study of nanomagnetic phenomena and in developing strategies to pinpoint and regulate nanomagnetic reliably with a high degree of energy efficiency. This timely book explores the recent and on-going research into nanomagnetic-based technology. 

Key features: 

  • Detailed background material and comprehensive descriptions of the current state-of-the-art research on each topic.
  • Focuses on direct applications to devices that have potential to replace CMOS devices for computing applications such as memory, logic and higher order information processing.
  • Discusses spin-based devices where the spin degree of freedom of charge carriers are exploited for device operation and ultimately information processing.
  • Describes magnet switching methodologies to minimize energy dissipation.
  • Comprehensive bibliographies included for each chapter enabling readers to conduct further research in this field.

Written by internationally recognized experts, this book provides an overview of a rapidly burgeoning field for electronic device engineers, field-based applied physicists, material scientists and nanotechnologists. Furthermore, its clear and concise form equips readers with the basic understanding required to comprehend the present stage of development and to be able to contribute to future development. Nanomagnetic and Spintronic Devices for Energy-Efficient Memory and Computing is also an indispensable resource for students and researchers interested in computer hardware, device physics and circuits design.

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